"This vocal powerhouse writes about real-life drama with humor and insight about love, lust, and hope, cleverly shaping the
lyrics to the flow of catchy melodies. Jenn basically kicks ass in a rock theater style." - The Laila Lounge
"Hartmann is an aspiring rock star with unlimited possibility," - State Press Magazine
"With such an impressive first album under her belt, we can only hope the music biz has room for Hartmann." - Get Out , Mesa Tribune
"There is no one like Jenn Hartmann on the scene or anywhere. She blends folk-rock with Broadway, cabaret, and comedy. When someone can pull this off who also sings great, and succeeds on all levels mentioned above, look out!!"
– Gabriel Levitt, Jezebel Music

“A fierce debut! Hartmann is a confident newcomer who has an exceptional set of brassy pipes that produce a powerful, clarion sound reminiscent of Patti LuPone. She has the goods to make waves once the word gets out. Not only can she sing, she can interpret.”
John Hoglund - Backstage Magazine
"One truth is obvious: Hartmann has a three-dimensional dramatic personality with an expressive voice to match.  She may be a cabaret novice, but she handles her songs with a competence that belies her inexperience"
Peter Leavy - Cabaret Scenes