“A fierce debut! Hartmann is a confident newcomer who has an exceptional set of brassy pipes that produce a powerful, clarion sound reminiscent of Patti LuPone. She has the goods to make waves once the word gets out. Not only can she sing, she can interpret.” 
John Hoglund - Backstage Magazine

"One truth is obvious: Hartmann has a three-dimensional dramatic personality with an expressive voice to match.  She may be a cabaret novice, but she handles her songs with a competence that belies her inexperience"
Peter Leavy - Cabaret Scenes

Jenn Hartmann has been finding herself back in the live theatre and she is loving every minute:

In Jan/Feb 2010 she was part of "St. Matilde's Malady" which was named " Best Of " Frontera Fest 2010.

In spring 2010 she was in the amazing and haunting opera "The Difficulty of Crossing a Field" at UT Austin.


She is planning her first solo show since 2008 for spring 2011 - so keep your eyes open!



To watch some clips of the "fierce cabaret debut" click here:

Kiss of the Spider Woman --- -Sleepy Man

Both clips were filmed by Jamie Lazarus at The Duplex, NYC July 2005 / Ed Alstrom on Piano