“There is no one like Jenn Hartmann on the scene or anywhere. She blends folk-rock with Broadway, cabaret, and comedy. When someone can pull this off who also sings great, and succeeds on all levels mentioned above, look out!!”

– Gabriel Levitt, Jezebel Music


Coming out of the great Southwest, Arizona native Jenn Hartmann is proud to bring you her unique blend of theatrical folk- rock. As Gabriel Levitt proclaims: “There is no one like Jenn Hartmann…ANYWHERE!” Her second solo album: Silly Urban Girl, is due out Spring 2006! Silly Urban Girl promises to be a wild wide through love and life co-existing in New York City.
In 2002 Jenn packed her whole world into a Uhaul truck and moved across country to New York. She had no job, no apartment, no money, but she had her first album, I Admit, in her hands and a drive in her heart…and the music began to flourish! After being in the city 3 months, she was accepted into the BMI Professional Songwriters workshop where she met some of her closest New York City rocker chums. (Namely songwriters Christiane Szabo, Ian Jeffreys, and Jenny Bruce.) Her first live show at CBGB’s 313 Gallery shortly followed the workshop and after that night she was seen all over the city; The C Note, Pianos, Laila Lounge, Sidewalk Café, Finally Fred’s, Bar 169, and the Duplex, just to name a few!
Her music is a whirlwind of honest folk and passionate rock, topped with a whole lot of Broadway theatricality. Her voice will blow your mind and her songs will stay in your head and heart for days. She credits Ani Difranco, Pat Benatar, and Madonna as primary influences in creating her own musical style. She earned her degree in theatre performance from Arizona State University, and it is clear when you see this rising star that she gives dramatic flair to every performance. Her set it truly one of raw, naked emotion. Jenn Hartmann guarantees an incredible show.
Jenn's work has been featured on two short films: "Heart-Sister" directed by Darby Sue Winterhalter Lofstrand, which was shown at the NY Independent International Film Festival and "October Tenth" directed by Shawna L. Begay, for which she received Best Original Score at the 22nd Annual SCC Film Festival, she has appeared on Good Morning Arizona, Today Arizona, was called an "aspiring rock star with unlimited possibility," by the State Press Magazine, and the Mesa Tribune Get Out exclaimed "With such an impressive first album under her belt, we can only hope the music biz has room for Hartmann.”
For years Jenn has had the crazy desire to combine her love of the theatre with her passion for acoustic folk-rock and on that path she found a mentor in Erv Raible, the Godfather of Cabaret in New York City. Cabaret was never an avenue she had contemplated up till then, but subsequently, Jenn and Erv created her first solo cabaret show: “Jenn Hartmann, Not a Chorus Girl”. The show opened in the summer of 2005 to rave reviews, inspiring John Hoglund of Backstage Magazine to proclaim: “A fierce debut! Hartmann is a confident newcomer who has an exceptional set of brassy pipes that produce a powerful, clarion sound reminiscent of Patti LuPone. She has the goods to make waves once the word gets out. Not only can she sing, she can interpret.” The goal now will be to keep recording rock albums, but to also create solo theatrical shows that are unique and unlike anything most cabaret audiences have ever seen before…who says rock and roll isn’t allowed on the theatrical stage? Jenn is not your average chorus girl…no…she is so much more!
Jenn Hartmann, for now, has moved back to the west, but this time she has landed in Hollywood. With her newest album almost complete and the love of her life cheering her on, she is ready to conquer the live performance world with her fusion of theatre and folk-rock. Jenn Hartmann is on fire…look out!